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Tablet & Pellet coating

Through our partner O’Hara Technologies Canada we offer coating systems based on fully perforated pan technology in all sizes from few grams to several tons/h.

  1. Full range of Lab Coaters, with interchangeable pan technology. Compact, portable and self-contained. Batch sizes from 100 g to 12 kg. Mesh pans for pellet coating, available.
  2. Full range of Pilot Plant Coaters, with changeable pan technology. Batch sizes from 2 kg to 105 kg. Systems with AHU on-board or external. Mesh pans for pellet coating, available.
  3. Full range of Production Batch coaters from 75 kg to 600 kg. Fully perforated, flexible design to meet exactly our needs.
  4. O’Hara new range of Continuous Coaters. Capacity from 25 kg/h to 1200 kg/h.